Mission Pro - Cool Only

High Wall

Mission Pro Cool Only High Wall Split is the optimum air conditioning solution for places which require high wall installation, elegant appearance and ultimate comfort combined with efficient, quiet operation, optimum air distribution, and efficient Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Start's from
10,870 EGP

Mission Pro - Cool Only /High Wall

12K ( 1.5 HP ) - 18K ( 2.25 HP ) - 24K ( 3 HP )

BreezeleSS+ Inverter Quattro

High Wall

The all-new BreezeleSS+ Inverter Quattro cooling, For those who demand the real comfort.

Start's from
15,525 EGP

BreezeleSS+ Inverter Quattro /High Wall

12K ( 1.5 HP )

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Internal Unit

External Unit

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